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Cosmology and the secret interactions of sterile neutrinos

Title: Cosmology and the secret interactions of sterile neutrinos

Presenter: Steen Hannestad (Aarhus U)

Chair: Pilar Hernández (Valencia U)

Abstract: At present there are a number of indications that sterile neutrinos with a mass in the eV range and relatively large mixing with the active sector may exist. However, such neutrinos seen incompatible with precision cosmology because they would have too large an impact on structure formation. 

If sterile neutrinos have "secret" self-interactions they generate a matter potential for themselves which can very efficiently shut off production of sterile neutrinos in the early Universe and make eV mass sterile neutrinos compatible with cosmology. 

Furthermore, such additional interactions could also be present for dark matter and lead to interesting effects. 


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